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The very existence of the Yuan-ti is fragile, being an everlasting maintenance project from within and constantly at odds with outside forces. The former of these issues has lead to; the implementation of carefully selected, arranged marriages, within the Yuan-ti population, to create stronger children and prevent intensifying birth defects brought on from pervasive inbreeding. This situation has also made it necessary to seek out beings of other races, mostly humans, to mate with and bring new blood into the empire. They took to taking these human mates from the countries directly attacking them. Whether the reason for this is for spite, or a demoralizing counter-attack, is debatable.

Wan Hai are the crossbred offspring that are the result of breeding between Yuan-ti Purebloods and Humans. When born, Wan Hai appear to be completely human, therefore, in the past such children were disposed of, thought to be useless, and considered a mark of shame to the bloodlines into which they were born. While the Yuan-ti children born with them were treated like any other children.

This changed roughly 25 years ago, during the reign of the Emperor Gong Lu, the Empress Wu’s father and predecessor, an experiment was decided upon. At birth, Wan Hai would be screened and selected, just as Yuan-ti children were, and those showing a certain amount of potential would be raised, and taught in the same manner. It was the emperor’s hope that the Wan Hai would prove to be beneficial to the continued existence of the Yuan-ti race.

You are among the Wan Hai chosen to serve the empire. You tread on treacherous ground, the empress, unimpressed with her father’s work, sees you as nothing more than a blemish on her empire. She has been convinced to allow your continued existence, but you must prove your worth, or pay the heavy price of failure.

Position In Society

Your postition in the Yuan-ti society is a tolerated situation. The common citizen is indifferent to your presence, but some of the more traditional individuals will look down on you, and some will be hostile (such as the Empress herself.). However, the Empress Wu has been convinced to allow you, and others like you, to prove your worth as any “true” Yuan-ti would.

The time has come for the first set of Wan Hai to take their places among the rest of society, having completed their basic training. Most have been separated into units and assigned a Yuan-ti leader, to oversee them and maintain the unit like any other.

Relations With Outside World

The Yuan-ti society, as a whole, is generally hated and feared by other peoples. Due this the Yuan-ti are nearly constantly at war (not usually direct warfare, guerilla and infiltration is the preferred mode) with the humans and their allies, i.e. elves, dwarves, etc. The Yuan-ti do however have allies in a few races, such as the Sahuagin.

Current Location

You are currently located within the Imperial City, one of the few permanent cities. It is vastly constructed of stone, and reaches underground far more expansively than it does above ground. Around this stone city is rainforest and jungle that stretches on for hundreds of miles. Peppering this are smaller, less permanent, settlements and outposts, usually built high up in the trees.


House rules are subject to change, upon sugestions, on the fly judgements, and human error. At which time a new list will be typed and handed out for convienience.

  • Every character starts at level 1.
  • Character race is preferred to be human, although half-elf is allowed.
  • The Barbarian, Druid, and Paladin classes are restricted from the PCs.
  • Every character starts off with the random starting gold of their chosen class outlined on page111 of the Player’s Handbook.
  • Any amount of currency not spent on arms and equipment will be put into a communal pool.
    The Alignment system has been rendered sporatic. The society in which your character was raised is chaotic, however people act as they see fit to: gain an advantage, protect themselves, or simply act as they please. Therefore, all alignments are represented.
  • If the Cleric class is chosen, please see me for further details.
  • The skills Balance, Climb, Jump, Use Rope, and Survival are automatically considered class skills.
  • Character age should be somewhere in the 20s
  • All character names should be of Chinese origin to keep with the theme. I suggest using: http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php
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