Trial Of The Wan Hai

The Butcher's End

Their blades glinted in the dimming flames of the dieing fire, as they each approached an enemy. Their footfalls barely a whisper, but their eyes gleamed with a growing roar of hatred. and his unit breathed easily in their false security. The companions glaced at each other then to their commander, Diao Gua stood over The Butcher, his dagger at the ready. He raised three fingers and slowly counted down. Steel sliced mercilessly into flesh, all but one were dead instanly. The ranger, Steph, who had lead the humans their had enough life left in him to see the Wan-hai standing over him with a bloodied blade. A surprised expression overcame his visage as his last breath left him with a gurgle from his blood-filled lungs.

A Test of Worth

Two weeks passed by all too quickly as the party grew closer to their goal, to find a spot for a suitable outpost, an abandoned Kobold settlement. Passing the time by sharing what the last few years had been like and how they saw themselves helping to shape the Yuan-Ti empire or how they saw their demise. They are after all, an experiment, an trial depending solely on their ability to come through this alive and successful.
In seemingly no time at all they arrived at their destination, a cave snuggled tightly into the surrounding landscape, covered in vines and hiding its secrets from the light of day. Upon a thorough but quick search, they discovered the last few of the Kobolds blocking off their village from the outside world. Hoping to ambush these nuisances, they attempted to surround and slay them quickly, however Diao Gua gave away their presence, whether on purpose or accident, but they finished off every last one in seconds. In a few minutes of interrogation, Diao Gua learned of the settlement and a group of humans who had previously happened upon this area. This may lead to trouble for the party as they are very inexperienced and they are likely due back at any time… As they slept through the night, Tie kept guard and watched for any signs of movement, when suddenly a voice called out to him. “Ho there.” Caught completely off guard, Tie manages to quickly think and invite the stranger in out of the rain, after a struggle with words and a likely story, the human leaves with promises to return with his party. Quickly awakening his companions, Tie explains what had happened and they prepared several ideas to dispatch this new threat. As the night drew on the party returned and was slowly lured into a false safety. They told of their travels, killing Yuan-Ti left and right, children and adult alike all with a sick sense of glee. The party knew what needed to be done, if only they had a perfect moment to strike. Soon the humans grew tired and felt safe with their hosts, and arranged for rest. Their first mistake was to cross the Yuan-Ti, this was to be their last. As the visitors slept, blades were drawn one by one but with a single thought in mind. It was time.

The Adventure Begins
It had been some time since they had seen each other last, in the marketplace greetings were exchanged lightheartedly though in truth none of them knew what lie ahead. First there was Lanxing Li, aged 25 years and already developing a handy repertoire of abilities, freshly trained from the Ministry of Rituals and ready to experience the world outside She​-Shao . He awaits his companions nervously in a sea of mistrusting and doubtful Yuan-Ti. Lian Cong Lin was the second to arrive, just ahead of Tie Huajie, having stopped along the way to gather a few things before they were to set off. She had spent the last few years honing in on her already remarkable vision and hearing; she had shown promise in her early training and was trained one on one with a skilled hunter with hopes of becoming a skilled tracker and human-hunter. On her way to the meeting point she had already seen three of her four companions. Almost knocking over Lian, Tiě​ Huà​jiě​ had found out the swiftness of Lian’s hands before anyone had noticed the large mans arrival, Lian in turn discovered the seemingly rock hard skin of Tie’s neck. Tie seemed normal enough, even if he carried everything he had on the end of his index finger, but that was somehow expected; Tie was the largest of the group and was training in a brutal from of martial arts. It made them feel almost bad for any Human attempting to take him on by themselves. Almost. Taking in the sights, Haak Leung, who had spent his years training in the fighting arts, made his way to the marketplace seeking the other Wan-Hai. A skilled fighter and quick thinker, Haak was on a long path to becoming a deadly yet silent and unseen warrior. He tries to keep the mood light but just as everyone else, this was the first time to be feel truly alone and unsure of the future. As the others spoke quietly among themselves, a lone figure emerged from the crowd with enough equipment for five times as many men as himself, which was good he thought, he had planned this out well. He reintroduced himself to his old friends as Yajian Zanxi, however before much more could be said, Diao Gua had arrived.
Trial of the Wan-Hai
Wan-Hai or not Wan-Hai?

Somewhere deep in the recesses of a mind, sits a small spark of an idea. The spark soon found a suitable spot to harbor and grow. This gradually led to a small flame, which leaped about and set fire to the nearest entity, this flame began to rage and try its hardest to set fire to all that was near. In the end, a total of six fires were left to burn and grow together. This is where we begin.

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