Trial Of The Wan Hai

The Adventure Begins

It had been some time since they had seen each other last, in the marketplace greetings were exchanged lightheartedly though in truth none of them knew what lie ahead. First there was Lanxing Li, aged 25 years and already developing a handy repertoire of abilities, freshly trained from the Ministry of Rituals and ready to experience the world outside She​-Shao . He awaits his companions nervously in a sea of mistrusting and doubtful Yuan-Ti. Lian Cong Lin was the second to arrive, just ahead of Tie Huajie, having stopped along the way to gather a few things before they were to set off. She had spent the last few years honing in on her already remarkable vision and hearing; she had shown promise in her early training and was trained one on one with a skilled hunter with hopes of becoming a skilled tracker and human-hunter. On her way to the meeting point she had already seen three of her four companions. Almost knocking over Lian, Tiě​ Huà​jiě​ had found out the swiftness of Lian’s hands before anyone had noticed the large mans arrival, Lian in turn discovered the seemingly rock hard skin of Tie’s neck. Tie seemed normal enough, even if he carried everything he had on the end of his index finger, but that was somehow expected; Tie was the largest of the group and was training in a brutal from of martial arts. It made them feel almost bad for any Human attempting to take him on by themselves. Almost. Taking in the sights, Haak Leung, who had spent his years training in the fighting arts, made his way to the marketplace seeking the other Wan-Hai. A skilled fighter and quick thinker, Haak was on a long path to becoming a deadly yet silent and unseen warrior. He tries to keep the mood light but just as everyone else, this was the first time to be feel truly alone and unsure of the future. As the others spoke quietly among themselves, a lone figure emerged from the crowd with enough equipment for five times as many men as himself, which was good he thought, he had planned this out well. He reintroduced himself to his old friends as Yajian Zanxi, however before much more could be said, Diao Gua had arrived.



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